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Hiya! Welcome to the Fable Road Project Wiki. :p You can add pages and stuff, I don't care, as long as it doesn't destroy anything I worked on. -3-

Feel free to browse.

Paying for character art of Tra, Berune, Strome, KD and others. Will pay in form of Solia, Windslayer, Tinierme, Gaia Premium Items. Negotiable. Gifts would be <3 though.

I'm also posting the characters I use for RP here. :D You can stick your OCs' (original characters) data here too if you have a request for me.

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Stop talking about su she!!!! And I want to see the relationships between the characters to develop. Li Wen Jing's character disappeared. Did she graduate? Also, I hope that Zheng Jie does not end up with Li Sha or An Ni. I really want him to end up with Wang Ping. I'm sad Li De broke up with his girlfriend. I think it would cool if he turns asexual. I also really like his character, but it seems all the dynamic personality was given to Zheng Jie. Li De deserves to star in his own ke/chapter. But it's okay with me if he ends up with An Ni or Li Sha. Now that I think of it, he really should end up with Li Sha, since they're both Li. I think Wang Ping is a really nice guy... But doesn't he think that sometimes, his friends take him for granted? He has to teach them and tutor fu dao them all the time. Is he paid for this? I want to read about Wang Ping's back story. How did he get stuck with having to hang around with foreign exchange students all the time? I understand that Zheng Jie's a flirt, but I want to see him enter into a real and decent relationship. I wish that he'll one day be committed to Wang Ping, to fall in love with that Chinese lad, and maybe enter into a dilemma- should he return to America after he graduates, or stay with Wang Ping forever? Zheng Jie is definitely the main character here. I think you should reintroduce Li Wen Jing again. Why did she mysteriously disappear? Maybe you can add a mystery subplot. One ke should be entitled (in Chinese): THE MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF LI WEN JING.  No one really cares about An Ni and Li Sha, they're just needy women. Why does An Ni keep on relying on other GUYS (fu dao)? I mean, she's always a damsel in distress. I don't want to be a feminist, but her character's really annoying. It's fine if she gets killed off. 

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